How to Avoid a Dead Car Battery??

How to Check Car battery
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How to Avoid a Dead Car Battery??

A car battery can die due to many reasons. High temperature considers most conspicuous reason to collapse. Even the cold temperature can push your battery to last age. The low temperature also results in crank over your engine, but the hot temperature can kill your battery.  

However, a scrounging ditch can damage the battery very badly. If you have a dribble charger, then the battery can back up very quickly. It must take notice that the presence of drain can dead your battery again. If you can prevent your car’s battery from such kind of drain during storage, then it would be good for you to disconnect your battery simply. It would save your battery from kill by the vehicle’s electric system.  

Most people decided to change their car’s battery after it dies. A recent research shows that the 1000 of drivers waited to replace it, then they had to request for edge help. It is mostly the unsuitable time and place.  

There are basic instructions that will avoid the dead batteries. 

1. Notice the Battery’s Age: 

Mostly car’s batteries need 12 volts. You should notice the age of the car battery and replace it before it dies. You should also keep noted the date when you have bought the car’s battery. If your car is new then it is sure that the battery is also new at that time. But, like many people you purchase a car without notice the age of your battery. If your battery is old then it’s time to find out its age.  

Some batteries have circular stickers with a date attached to it. While other batteries have a plastic cover with a code. You have to notice the battery by its look, if date code is not written. You will surely get it tested by its white corrosion and old look appearance.  

2. Look for the caution symbols of a dying battery 

Your battery is about to die, if the engine starts slowly. Another indication of dying battery is to turn on headlights while the engine is not working. The battery will be on the last stage if headlights look dim.  

Also in some cases, your car does not give you any hint about the battery failure. If your car starts having sound, clicking or buzzing, you have to check it. It must caused by the draining system of battery if you remain the lights on. If the car has a jumpy start, then replace the battery as soon as possible before it gets fail completely.  

3. Get a free battery assessment 

Most auto mechanics see the car’s problem without any cost. It is totally free to fixing of new batteries by the old one. You can change the batteries yourself, but the connections are so difficult to handle.  

4. Swap the battery before it stranded you 

If your battery fails and cracking gradually, just swap it. Go to an automotive shop for getting help. The clerk will guide you about your car’s need. Batteries are available for 3 to 5 year warranty. As your battery is playing the most important role in your car so it should have the best performance.  

5. Preserve the Battery:

Have a look around the terminals of the batteries, if it has corrosion. If you find the white substance, it definitely affects your battery conduction. Just clean it with the brush and cover it with grease. The grease will save the battery from corrosion and recovers the electric conduction. Add the distilled water in batteries which help it in charge because the sulfuric acid is highly dangerous for your skin and clothes. It has a danger of explosion.  

The working of current batteries has developed.  They implement for the longest time with no fault.  But It is hard to find out that when it’s will die. Just check out the battery on a regular basis. 

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