How to take Care of a Car Engine???

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How to take Care of a Car Engine???

For car maintenance, it is necessary that the engine of your car must be in good working condition. As the engine is considered as a heart of all vehicles, therefore it must be well-maintained. You must take care of a car engine in order to keep it functioning at peak performance. To ensure the car engine health, you have to strictly follow few basic car engine maintenance tips, to improve your car engine life expectancy without letting it encounter any issue that can increase your car’s performance. 

Check the oil regularly: 

Oil is the spark of life for your car engine, therefore at the accurate time do an oil change. As it is a part of car maintenance and to certify the health of your vehicle, you should follow the regular oil change plan. Change it after three months or after 3,000 miles, to keep the engine of your car well lubricated and dust free. It can also prevent it from overheating and extend its lifespan. Carelessness can take a clang on an engine that leads to everlasting damage over time. The level of oil in your car should be checked in the early morning. For oil checking, Lift hood after finding the dipstick, pull it outside. If it seems unclear, it means it needs changing. Reinsert the dipstick pull it out for the second time and check the oil level, the markers on the dipstick will say, how much oil is left in the engine it must be near the maximum level. If near or below the minimum level, then do an oil change. 

Get a regular tune up: 

Every vehicle needs a tune-up on a regular basis for optimal car performance. The spark plugs, fuel system, air filter, coolant and oil, are included within the engine tune-up processes of your car. In older car fuel filters, ignition wires, and distributor system also need to be replaced. Once a new vehicle reaches the 100,000-mile mark, the car should make a stop at a car station for a tune-up. 

Change the air filter at regular intervals: 

The air filter is the key component of your car that should be checked at regular intervals. The air filter is responsible to clean the engine. If you don’t check the clog up air filter, then it starts to act like a blocked airway and can harm the engine that results in a lack of power and sluggish performance. On the other hand, if you check your air filter it will somehow help you to keep your car running smoothly. So remember to replace your air filter. The frequency of change depends upon the type of vehicle you have and the condition you are driving in.    

Keep your engine from overheating: 

The car engine gets heated when fuel burned. To maintain this heating, the car has a cooling system. The cooling system includes the components: radiator, water pump, pressure cap, thermostat, fan, bypass system, heater core and reserve tank. These components optimal function is essential to protect the engine from overheating, damage and breakdowns. But if this cooling system does not work properly causes overheating. This is why it’s important to regularly check the coolant levels in your engine.  

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