How To Take Care Of Your Car

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How To Take Care Of Your Car

It is an essential responsibility to care of a car. You have to take some vital steps for the maintenance of the car. Otherwise, it only means that you are flushing your money. You should learn the basic procedure to maintain the car on a regular basis to avoid a big disruption.

A brand-new car needs fewer services as compare to the old one. The old car usually needs services like cleaning, changing breaker points, or swapping spark plugs which are associated with ageing. However, your car needs checking, repairing and clean up services periodically. Just have a look below at 6 steps of car caring.

Changing Car Oil: 

The most important thing about a car is its oil. Every car maker has a different point of view and suggestions when it comes to the change of oil. Most experienced technicians say that the oil must change regularly. One should use a reliable brand for an oil change and it should change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. 

Your car requires oil to grease your engine and stop cleansers. You just make sure that you check your oil after every 1 or 2 months. The filth will build up if your car doesn’t have the fresh oil, which will kill your engine eventually. 

Tire Air Pressure: 

You can face many problems such as poor breaking, less gas range, instability and a flat tire due to the incorrect tire pressure. You must check your car’s tire pressure often using a gauge. One more thing, rotate the tires to make certain that they wear consistently. To maintain the car and enhance the life of tires, it is important to check the tire pressure monthly basis as well as rotate the tires every 7,500 miles. 


To replace the tire $350 to $700 needs, which is a much bigger amount than $10 and $50 which is used for checking tire pressure and rotation of the tires. You can take your car into a workshop or into the dealer if you want to rotate the tires.

Examine The Brakes: 

It’s really a good idea to must check out your car’s brake, especially going to a long drive. If you don’t do this, a foul crushing noise can bring a problem. The main part is the brake plugs that resist the loss of brake power at high temperature. You can change it by a technician if needed. It is essential to change the brake pads after every 25,000 miles, or sooner if required.

Clean The Glasses:

It is one of the most vital parts of having a look in the glasses at the back of your head during driving, but it is impossible for a human to see behind the traffic through the dirty glasses. It is necessary to have a good and clean front and back view glasses that can protect you from an accident during driving on the road.  

Changing Air Filter:

It’s very important to keep your car away from dirty air. Its filters should neat and clean. Dirty filters damage the acceleration and make your car less efficient. It is an important thing to remember that car’s filters should change after every 30,000 miles or a year. 

Engine Temperature’s Balance:

Antifreeze and coolant save your engine from heat up or freezing in all types of temperatures. A reliable gallon of antifreeze runs about $10-$15 and keeps everything running perfectly in your radiator. It is should be kept in mind to balance the engine’s temperature with antifreeze after every 15,000 miles.  

Change Spark Plugs:

Spark plugs are an important part of car’s function. The spark plugs should work in proper condition because bad plugs can lead to a terrible gas mileage, a privation of acceleration and a lot of other problems. Bad plugs can affect an engine severely, therefore, you should examine the spark plugs after every 30,000 miles and swap them every 60,000 miles.    

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