How Traffic Rules Protect Our Lives

traffic rules in UAE
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How Traffic Rules Protect Our Lives

Day by day, the ratio of road accidents is increased due to reckless driving, speeding, wrong way crossing, unnecessary line change and driving without the use of the indicator. And we criticize the government for failing to provide the right roads, which is wrong. Because as responsible citizens, we can make the road safer for all following some simple basic traffic rules to protect our lives. Every time we complain that the government has failed to provide the right ways, the traffic police have only focused on issuing challans, and the government does not adopt safety measures for themselves. Governments provide the traffic rules to protect our life, and we should follow them being a responsible citizen. Traffic signs are the quiet speakers on the road which protects our lives.  Every person who is on wheels or pedestrian, must have an in-depth knowledge of road safety, which is essential for all. So the term traffic rules protect our lives, is a method which provides systematic and controlled measure because a person needs to take on the way for safely reaching her or his destination. Some traffic rules have prescribed here which saves our life is,

  • You should bring the vehicle to the centre and then twist left at the time of taking the right turn.
  • Anybody parting the road then you should keep the vehicle at the left because of a new entering at the instance of taking a left turn.
  • When you turn the road, you must in the lower speed of the vehicle.
  • When you are in a bike, it’s compulsorily you have put on a helmet, not just a situation but to stop any head injury or any misfortune.
  • We should use horn only at essential conditions. It would help if you used the horn with care and must not be a source of noise pollution.
  • Maintain a sufficient distance to avoid a collision. Any conflict can occur between the two vehicles when there is an improper distance in between.

Tyre in Abu Dhabi:

During driving the major part of the vehicle is its tyres. Many companies offer tyre in Abu Dhabi. Tyres may have categorized according to the type of vehicle they serve. They may be signed by the load they carry and by their application, e.g. to a bicycle or aircraft, motor vehicle. There are three types of tyres in Abu Dhabi, which depends on the situation like, light-medium duty tyres, heavy-duty tyres and some other tyres.

Light tyre in Abu Dhabi. These types of tyres carry loads in the range of 1200 pounds on the drive wheels. And trucks and vans carry loads in different variety on the drive wheels. They have modified by speeding for different vehicles, winter tyres, car tyres, minivans and sedans, high-level cars and sports sedans. 

Massive tyres in Abu Dhabi are used for large trucks; buses come in a variety of outline and carry loads in different range. On the other hand, the bicycle, motorcycle, aircraft also have a different type of tyres.

Tyre dealers in Abu Dhabi.

Many tyre dealers in Abu Dhabi, offer separate prices for their customers with the offer of different discounts, coupons, and other things for customer attractions. It’s only up to you that what you want. There are many other important things that you must pay attention to when you are buying tyres. When you purchase the tyres, some points must keep in your mind. The first thing you must evaluate is the size of the tire. The size of the tire is mention in a sequence on the sidewall. If you have no idea about according your car tire size, then the dealer in Abu Dhabi helps you. The second thing, variety of tyres which are available in the market like, winter tire, summer tire, all-season tire, rotation tire, etc. it is useful to buy all-season tire because it will be suitable for every circumstance. Dealer in Abu Dhabi also helps to choose the tire feature, which meets your requirements. Customer must pay attention to the comfort level, friction, and grip, which offer the dealer in Abu Dhabi. The third thing is the tire price because tyres are expensive and it is not suitable for everyone to buy a new tire. Some dealer in Abu Dhabi offers very less discount. Dealer in Abu Dhabi wants to make sure that every driver can get the perfect tire for their car. Some dealers in Abu Dhabi like Dubai Electronic Wheel Balance, offers a variety of tyres at affordable rates. .

You need the perfect tyre for a peaceful and safe ride. All the brands of tyre are a little high, but you make sure that every diver can afford the best tyre. It is essential to follow the traffic rules to protect our lives.

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