Importance of Replacing windscreen Wipers

How to replace Car wind screen
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Importance of Replacing windscreen Wipers

In all kinds of climate, having a perfect vision of the road is one of the most vital necessities for safe driving. For this purpose, windscreen wipers play a major part in a vehicle. All of us well known about the importance of clean windscreen. However, we often forget to check the condition of wiper blades whether they are working properly or not. In winter season, like many other parts of your vehicle wiper blades are also exposed to wear and tear that show some common signs including: 

Separated arms


Metal corrosion

Missing Parts

Detached rubber on the wiper blade

This can not only affect the performance of windscreen wipers but also can reduce your visibility of the road. So, it’s essential to make sure that it is well maintained and free from damage. Check your windscreen wiper blades frequently and change them if they are showing these four conditions that causes damage to your windscreen and hamper your smooth driving.  

Streaking: when the wiper blades leave any streaks on the windscreen 

Skipping: when the blades are not making contact on the windscreen 

Squeaking: when the wiper blades make too much noise 

Splitting: when wiper blades have visible cracks and splits 

Because they will no longer properly clear your windscreen and you must need to change them beforehand. Since it as important as getting your oil changed. Mostly it is recommended that replace your windscreen wiper blades after every 6 to 12 months in order to keep you safe on the road. 

How can you replace windscreen wipers? 

You can replace it, as a replacement of wiper blades is a very easy, but if you don’t feel certain about carrying out this task yourself, you should swing to the experts who will replace it accurately.  

Find the right blade size for your car.

Purchase the finest quality blades that can work in an effective way and can give maximum performance.

There is a lever located on windscreen that can be seen under the wiper, first lower it and then slide, to take it out.

Lift the arm farthest from the windscreen.

For fixing the new wiper blade simply slide it onto the arm until it fits properly. At last, drive the arm back onto the windshield. 

After fixing the windscreen wipers check it and make sure that there would not be any sound of  squeaking and performing its action effectively.

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