Increase Life of Tyres By These Simple Procedures

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Increase Life of Tyres By These Simple Procedures

Maintaining the car tyres is very important thing. To drive with non-worthy tyres are illegal as well as risky both for driver and the passengers. The number of things must have kept in your mind for the good condition of the tyres. It also depends upon the amount of care for the tyres you take. Here are some worthy tips to maintain and improve the life of tyres, thus you can drive confidently and securely.  

1Tyre Rotation:

Usually, tyres moved from one spot to another with wear and tear. As the front tyres of the car bear more of the car’s weight so, it tends to wear out at about double the rate of back tyres. It can prolong the tyres’ life. Mostly, car manufacturers advise that the car tyres must switch with 8,000 to 10,000 km. 

There are four common types of tyre rotation: 

  • Cross Rotation 
  • Straight Rotation
  • 5tyre Rotation 
  • 4 Wheel Drive

 2.Tyre pressure: 

Tyre pressure is one of the most important things that should be checked every month to enhance the life of the tyres. The correct tyre pressure ensures proper grip and handling. Taking appropriately inflated tyres defends against tyre destruction also decrease the risk that the car will turn out of control. Having a low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption as well. It is necessary to check the tyre pressure every month. Always check the pressure when the tire is not hot, otherwise adding 4 to 5 PSI to the optional pressure.  

3. Tyre Tread Depth:

Tyre tread removes the water between the tyre and the road, that’s why it is the most important thing. This way the car can under the control and ignore the risk of aquaplane. The tyre becomes damage and reduces their life quicker by rough road surfaces. The tire designs, tyre tread, plus driving practice can wear out the tyres for a long time. The minimum tread depth differs within the range of 1.5mm and 1.6mm. Tread depth measures the depth that is in contact with the road. It is easy to find out the tread wear gauge bars across the tread. 

4. Wheel Alignment:

It is the process of bringing the wheel and axles align properly. It takes care that the car moves in optimum level, increases the safety, saving fuel, protect the tyre from untimely wear, bearings, suspension as well as stops shuddering. It also balances the wheels and the tyres. Driving at high speed, one can notice the vibrations. The manufacturers advise that the alignment of the wheels should be done every 10,000 kilometres. 

5. Wheel Balancing:

If you purchase new tyres for your car you will need tyre balancing as soon as possible. When there is an imbalance in your tyres at a certain speed your steering wheel will rock back as you drive. It can be very dangerous to drive with imbalanced tyres. With wheel balancing, you can enjoy your drive smoother and most comfortable. It reduces tyre and treadwear. 

6. Driving Style:

The driving style also effects on the life of the tyres. Hard acceleration causes wheel spin, as well as aggressive brakes, can cause to wear out quickly. In order to improve the life of the tyres driving speed should be normal and avoid the emergency brakes.  

7. Repair and Replacement

As professionals will take a deep check of your car tyres with all appropriate procedures. Specialists check tyres internally and externally and give possible and suitable suggestions for repairing, disassembling and re-assembling. Tyres should be changed after a limited time. Kilometers driven, style of driving and climate are the important factors that influence the life of the tyre. When require you must change your tire and just take a look on them with regular basis.

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