Things to Check When Your Car Won’t Start?

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Things to Check When Your Car Won’t Start?

If you are getting late from your work and your car won’t start it is very frustrating. You are turning the key and nothing is happening, but don’t give up. Before you call for a tow, check these things that might help you or safeguard your car stays in its best shape. 


The first thing that you need to check is the power of your battery. Make sure that your battery is not low in charge.  If the battery is not charged appropriately, then you will not capable to start the car. You could either have a dead or discharged battery. There could also many other factors that are tiring your car. To check the power, turn the windshield wipers on. If they move very slowly, the battery is perhaps low on charge. 

Bad Ignition Switch:  

The battery in your car is quite normal, but your car won’t turn over the few tries, then there might be a problem related to the ignition switch. Check the ignition switch by turning on your headlights. The working of the dashboard and headlights are controlled by a battery, if they turn on properly, but your car engine won’t start, then a bad ignition switch is the cause for it. 

Faulty Starter: 

A worn off the starter is also a common complaint that your car won’t start. A starter is responsible for transporting that electrical voltage from the battery to the ignition switch and then cranks the engine. Check it by starting car, If you hear a “GRR” sound, then it might be a broken or weakened starter than this would hinder the engine from running. 

Clogged Fuel Filter:  

A clogged fuel filter can also another cause for it. The fuel won’t reach its destination when the system is too reversed up, and as a result of it, the car just can’t get started at all.  

Empty Gas Tank: 

Sometime if your car would not start. Then there might be a reason that your car is running out of gas. It occurs more often than you may think. It would cause the engine to crank, but it would not start the car. The simple solution to this gets more gas.   

Neutral Safety Switch

Check the neutral safety switch that is accountable for completing the circuit from the starter to the ignition switch. If your car cranks but would not start, then it might be a reason that the neutral safety switch is damaged, it would not complete the action that is required to start the car. 

Spark Plugs: 

Check the spark plugs if the car would not start, it can be a reason for it. Spark plugs are a vital component to your vehicle, they are literally what gives your vehicle the necessary “spark” required to start. 

Flooded Engine: 

If you are going on a road suddenly your car stops, you try to start it many times but it would not start. You can also smell a strong odor of gasoline, oil from your car and smoke is emanating from the hood. It would most commonly occur due to flooding engine. Check the engine, open the car’s hood to get the extra fuel to dry up quicker. It would help you to resolve your car problem. The oxygen and fuel may take a while to achieve the right balance, but it might work eventually.

Fuel Pump: 

The fuel pump is used to transmit the fuel to the engine, but a weak fuel pump fail to transmit it to engine so when your car would not start, check the fuel pump 

Frozen Fuel Line: 

Frozen fuel lines still occur, but not as normally where ethanol is combined into the fuel. A can of Iso-Heet added to the tank may be like an energizer to inhibit problems. To avoid water in the tank, which could crack to ice in the lines, keep your tank at least half-full during very cold weather. 

Moisture in the air may abridge in the fuel tank as the temperature changes and the liquid water, then settle to the bottom of the tank.

Exterior of your car 

If there is no problem with your engine or fuel, then get out of your vehicle and inspect it for any sign of damage there could be an indicating factor about why your vehicle would not start. Check your tyres,  it could be the reason; the cheap tyres, price can cause damage. So purchase tyres of good quality, so you can enjoy riding.

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