What to do if you encountered a car accident in Abu Dhabi

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street
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What to do if you encountered a car accident in Abu Dhabi

Unfortunately, most of the people find their self-involved in a car accident during their stay in the UAE. If this happens at some point, then you should ready to deal with it according to the legal requirements.

There are different kind of accidents happen, but here is an important thing about collision of one or more cars when no serious injuries to the people. In case of serious injury, you must dial 999 for an ambulance instantly.  

The most important part of the collision of cars is to discover the police report. If you don’t this, of course you will find yourself in serious problems, both lawfully and monetarily. Here are some important steps describe that you will follow in case of encountered a car accident. 

Step 1. Tie the Area Down: 

Turn on your danger lights and come out of the car. Just make sure that people in your car and in another car must be safe. If you see another driver speeding away from the act of the accident, just note the car’s license plate number, you can hand this over to the police when they reach.

Step 2. Alert the Authorities 

In case of an accident, just dial 999 and inform the operator that you have collided and require the police. If you required an ambulance for the injured person, so you have to explain that where you are. Driving license, car registration card, and Emirates ID or passport must kept with you. Just take pictures of your damage car, but not the people in the other’s car without their permission because it can create troubles later on. 

Step 3. Keep Calm and Follow Instructions: 

It can possibly that at least one person is involved in the situation. Whatever the circumstances, don’t lose your rage, appoint blame and involve in any quarrel. Just stay calm, if another passenger or driver yelling at you, just wait for the police and the action if required. 

Just don’t annoy, hurry, or make hand gestures when the police reach. Until the attending officer will not give you a chance for spoken, just remain calm and wait. Officer will definitely give you the chance to speak. The police will decide finally that who is the guilty and then will give you the police report in Arabic.  

The different colors report will be given by the police. As pink issued for fault, green for innocent driver and white for neither party is suspected or if the suspected is unknown.  

As depending upon the situation, attending officer issues the instruction. You have to follow the police instructions.  

Step 4. After the police report has been issued 

You must call the insurance company or if your car is rented, then inform the hire company, that’s what has happened. The insurance company or car-hire company will instructions you about what to do with the police report. 

If your car cosmetically injured, for example dented panel or bumper, then it should be acceptable to drive away from the sight. If your car has sustained prominent destruction, such as lights or glass have broken, in that case you must not be allowed to drive it away. Your insurers will usually be grateful to send out a rescue truck.

Here some important points have been discussed above to manage the situation in case of encountering a car accident. One has to follow these instructions to resolve the problem and keep yourself safe from any big or serious troubles. 

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