Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Importance of Wheel Balancing & Alignment
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Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Wheels and tires play a vital role and act as a cushion among the road and vehicle, therefore it is important that a vehicle’s wheels are in good condition to keep the driver and passengers safe. Rough roads and objects lying in the roads can damage the wheel. As a result, your vehicle can get out of your control. Therefore, it is necessary for a smooth drive that the wheels of your car must be properly balanced and aligned so that they don’t drift away from you. Vehicle owners, mostly not pay attention to these two important aspects and often get confused as they consider them the same things.

Therefore, a little consideration is given to their importance since they can help to prolong tire life, better fuel economy and overall performance of the vehicle. In actual, Wheel balancing comprises rotation of the tire from front to back on the other hand wheel alignment help to keep the wheel in straight position.

Importance of Wheel Balancing: 

Balancing is performed to confirm that weights on all the four wheels are equal. It is as important as wheel alignment because it retains tires, bearings and suspension system in order. Proper wheel balancing is vital to let the wheel rotate without any vibrations. Proper balancing can enhance the tire life and show your vehicle better performance on the road. Weight imbalances happen because the rubber is spread unequally throughout the tire. As wheels become imbalanced over time, therefore wheel balancing must be done for vehicle maintenance.  

Your vehicle performance is significantly affected due to small imbalance in the tire, resulting vibration in the steering wheel. If left unbalanced for a long time, these vibrations may produce excessive wear and tear on your vehicle, and you have to spend money on its maintenance.  

You should contact a technician to fix the problem as soon as possible as it is risky to drive through an unbalanced wheel. Throughout wheel balancing process, the mechanic use calibrated spin balancer and will generally test static and dynamic features of wheel balance. Depending on the vehicle, it should be done after every 6-12 month. Wheel balancing must be done more regularly, whereas a wheel alignment should not be required as often. 

Importance of Wheel Alignment: 

Wheel alignment is a process in which angle of the wheels is adjusted according to manufacturer’s recommended specifications. It is an extremely important feature for maintenance of vehicles and normal tire wear. If your vehicle is out of alignment. Its tire wear unevenly, which can lessen its fuel efficiency and tire lifespan and it will become difficult for you to control your vehicle. It can put your safety at risk,  especially during rainy and winter driving season. As a result, you have to spend money on new tires. However, if wheels are properly aligned, the vehicle will move straight on a level road deprived of drifting to the other side. Wheel alignment is necessary in order to get a frictionless movement over the road without dragging or slipping. 

Wheel alignment fixing includes a tire tread check with five components for measuring wheel orientation, involving alignment: camber, caster, toe-in, turning radius and steering axis inclination. These help to properly distribute weight on moving parts and to smooth steering. Sometimes alignments include replacement of loose or damaged parts. Though the accurate front wheel alignment is compulsory for good handling of steering and maximum tire lifetime, unbalanced steering can often cause of an out of balance front wheels.  

Wheel alignment is recommended when you feel Vibration in the steering wheel or notice an uneven tire wear. Misaligned wheels and tires can make your car less safe as the vehicle will tend to steer to one side and you have to make effort in driving the vehicle. 

 Proper maintenance of the wheel is important for many reasons that includes the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle. It can also save you from having to constantly spend money on new tires. The only way to actually know if you need tire balancing and alignment is by taking your vehicle to an expert .

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